About Me

Martin Sylvester is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in London, Uk. 


Martin grew up on the Caribbean island of Grenada, the birthplace of his father. In 2010 he came up to the UK to do a degree in MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Nottingham. It was during his time at University that he developed a passion for photography. He started out by being a contributor to the Student Magazine and before long he was the official sports photographer. And in 2014 the University sent him to China to capture their Tri-Campus Games. 


He’s an experienced photographer with a trained minds eye to capture the essence of any individual uniquely.  In a fast-paced environment without room for error, Martin has learnt to capture the art of documentary with any subject he works with.


His love for street and urban photography informs his decision of process through observation of the way the light beautifully and unexpectedly plays with the subject and the surroundings.


Drawing from these two styles has led Martin down the path for the passion of portraiture.  With an attention to detail and the desire to create dramatic and exceptional images, he is capable of telling multiple storytelling through the viewer’s imagination.

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