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I'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in London. With an attention to detail and the desire to create dramatic and exceptional images, I am capable of telling multiple storytelling through the viewer’s imagination.

Over time I have self taught myself the art of documentary photography, through the observation of the way light beautifully and unexpectedly plays with a subject and the surroundings.


This approach to photography allows me to produce fantastic results with any subject.

As part of my process, and a stage of growth, I do my own in house high end beauty retouching. 

Upon request, any client can expect a few images to be fully retouched for maximum effect. 



BAFTAS 2020 | EE | 5G

In Jan 2020, I was hired by Unit9 ltd, to create 3D scans of Maya Jama for the 2020 BAFTAs through the use of my photography skills. 

Read more about the project here:


Issue 30: Vol. 16

pgs 62-65

A simple pumpkin

photographer: Martin sylvester

model: amie hampsheir-gill

Emote magazine

Webitorial feature

dec. 2019

lured into lavender

photographer: Martin sylvester

model: amie hampsheir-gill

writer: Lexi woodhall


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I pride myself on my excellent service and ability to deliver. If you want to get an idea of the experiences that my past clients have had, I recommend you take a look at the client testimonials below. My clients trust me and understand the benefits of working with me, so I owe it to them to provide them with the best images in LONDON.

"Martin is an extremely talented photographer with an unbelievable eye and attention to detail.


I was blown away with my first editorial shoot with Martin. Before I met him he had previously been to the location and scouted all the areas where we would shoot, this made the entire shoot swift. The locations he picked were amazing; notably Martin selected a location with the Camden sign in the background which really complimented my hair, this prompted great responses from my Instagram audience where I receive the most likes I have had on a post. 


Not only this, but Martin had a great ability to make me feel at ease during the shoot. It can be daunting shoot with new photographers, but we were laughing and joking five minutes into the shoot. 


Not only this but his editing qualities are insane! He has the ability to make images pop! I am just the model so I am not sure about the technical terms, but I was so happy with this shoot. He is the best photographer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. 


Since this shoot, we have worked together during the quarantine with some isolation shoots. His direction was amazing and I always knew exactly what he was talking about when directing me. These shoots helped me mentally during this unstable time. I look forward to continue working with Martin in person and over FaceTime."


"Working with Martin Sylvester is always a fantastic time! Not only is he a very patient and funny photographer, creating an atmosphere so comfortable to allow the utmost creativity, he also creates the most professional and astounding images every time!


Would recommend anyone from beginning to professional to work with this talented guy photographer, who can cater to all levels and always achieve the finest results."


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