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Updated: Dec 14, 2021

wedding photo of couple shoot at the Burgh museum in Hampstead, London
"Our favourite aspect of the photos Martin took for us is how intimately they capture each moment. From the pre-ceremony anticipation through to the elation and joy of the reception, the photos bring us back into the memories and emotions of the day. And, he manages this while staying out of the action, catching the genuine mood of our guests. Out of the countless decisions to be made in preparation for our wedding day, making the right choice on how you will remember it is possibly the most important. We are glad to have chosen Martin to entrust with that responsibility and he could not have pulled it off any better!"

The Story

In late September 2019, Saho & Hlynur reached out to me to find out if I cover their special day. It was to be intimate gathering of close friends at the Burgh House & Hampstead Museum in London, UK.

After making the booking, we agreed to meet at the Ole & Steen Bakery near Tottenham Court Road. It was important to have a quick chat to discuss the run of the events of their special day and talk about the style they wanted me to capture. After all their wedding was less than two weeks away!

Sitting with them in the small bakery, sipping on my green tea, it was lovely to learn about how they met and what drew them to their chosen wedding venue.

With little time to plan, later that week I visited their venue to work out the route from the ceremony to the reception venue, The Holly Bush, a short 15 minute walk. Along the way, I spotted some quaint alleyways that would suit the group shot and would create the perfect ambience.

Fast forward to the day of the wedding, I was greeted by the Brides' mother who would end up taking care of me, making sure I was well hydrated throughout the day. In a small studio of the museum I captured the intimate moments of the bride and her mother, putting together the final touches before the big moment. I took a quiet moment before the guest arrival to quickly take some images of the decor. Lucky for me there was a beautiful grand piano in the ceremony room, and I obviously couldn't resist taking images of the bridal bouquet and wedding rings on it!

With the ceremony underway in the small space, I switched my camera to its silent mode so I could capture the important moments out of sight and out of mind. Which lead to me capturing these moments in an unobtrusive and natural documentary style.

natural relaxed documentary wedding photo of couple during ceremony at Burgh House hampstead museum in north london

After the quick ceremony, we decided it would be nice to have some quiet time for a very short couple shoot by the grand piano, after all I try my utmost to just let my couples enjoy their day.

wedding photo of bride and groom at burgh house hampstead museum in north london

Soon after the fun group photoshoots with family and their closest friends, the bride gathered together everyone for the bouquet toss. Always a fun moment to capture, everyone 'fighting' for the coveted spot haha.

We then made our way to the reception, where we stopped on the steps of a small passageway leading to the venue for a quick group photo of all the guests.

wedding group photo at night in hampstead north london

After a quick speech from the groom thanking everyone for coming and celebrating in their union, I captured some beautiful moments of the newlyweds before setting off.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Saho & Hylnur, and having the pleasure of capturing their beautiful wedding. I truly wish them all the best in the future, and I hope you enjoy the photos below.

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