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Updated: Mar 13

A tale of two brides, my first LGBTQ+ wedding

wedding photography of two brides, lesbian couple, lgbt+ at Forty Hall in Enfield north london

On the 20th June, 2021 Sarah & Sarah got married at Forty Hall Enfield in North London. After many delays and stresses due to the global pandemic they were finally able to tie the knot and celebrate with their friends, family and loved ones.

The couple were so chilled and laid back and wanted not just the atypical documentary photography for their special day but also wanted my creative style. When Sarah messaged me on WhatsApp about possibly using smoke grenades, it was too late to order them online! Luckily I've used these in the past for my portraiture work and knew of a shop in Camden that sold them, so I agreed to pick them up two days before the wedding.

When working with smoke grenades, one has to think of safety first. I've heard of wedding dresses catching on fire and even being stained by the dye! This is why if it's requested, firstly I inform my clients of the dangers and secondly, I only suggest the use of Enola Gaye wire pulls - a much reduced chance of the aforementioned dangers but even then I gauge the wind direction before pulling (ignition) away from my body and always set the device down on dry ground away from the couple. It will produce enough cloud to envelop the couple, provided it isn't too windy.

Later in the evening, we also used sparklers to end the festivities. Sparklers in the summer can be tricky to use considering the sun doesn't set until 10pm, but with creative shooting it is possible to fake the darkness, as long as it's dark enough to see the sparks illuminated. Typically when I'm asked to capture sparkler wedding photos, I will guide the guests into a fire tunnel (all prearranged with couple, of course, with tips to get the most out of it), but on this occasion I decided to try something a little different. I got the guests to form a circle around the couple, with Sarah & Sarah dancing in the middle. This produced some beautiful imagery that the couple loved.

All in all it was a great day, even though it was my first time capturing a LGBT+ wedding, it felt no different to the countless others I've captured. It's a little cliche to type, but I truly believe Love is Love and it was so heartwarming to document the couples love for each other. From the emotional tears to the laugh out loud moments.

I hope you enjoy viewing the images below. If you like what you see and want to find out more about my work or if you're ready to get in touch please feel free to contact me on the buttons below.


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