Nic & Rob's Hilltop Barn Wedding | Poynton | Manchester

In the summer of 2021, I was contacted by Couture Wedding Films to capture a friend's wedding celebration at Hilltop Barn in Poynton, Greater Manchester. I was excited to capture my first outdoor ceremony with wedding photography.

On the day of the wedding, I arrived early at the bride's family home to capture the little details, as Nic got her hair and makeup done by herself and one of her bridesmaids. The floral arrangements were done in house, as they had a beautiful garden full of gorgeous flowers.

Whilst I was capturing Nic and her family at the home, I had my second shooter capture the groom, Rob, at the venue. They had organised an overnight stay in a camper van and small tents. A truly adventurous approach, but we love it all the same! Once Nic was in her dress it was time for the first look with her dad and the rest of bridesmaids, it was special to be able to capture their emotional reactions!

Before long, I set off for the Hilltop Barn with the mother of the bride. And upon my arrival at the beautiful venue, I captured the stunning interior and decor.

Immediately following this, I headed over to the outdoor ceremony space before the arrival of the main guests. It was going to be a stunning wedding on that hot summer day.

Before the ceremony commenced, I captured the brides arrival with her father and her being greeted by her bridesmaids to help calm the nerves. Once I was happy with the images I captured, I headed over to the front just under the beautiful wood frame canopy. So that I could capture Rob's reaction when his bride to be walked down the aisle.

It was a beautiful ceremony full of tears, laughter and silly moments. After this, was my favourite part of every wedding, the confetti throw. Honestly I love capturing this joyous moment.

Following the beautiful ceremony, we moved the canopy over to a spot that overlooked Manchester in the distance. For a super quick intimate newlyweds shoot. Less than 5mins. And we also quickly arranged the group photos in one of the fields.

And in the barn, some quick images with his 95-year old grandmother. After the crazy period we've all been through it was lovely to be able to document him with her.

After the guests had some amazing starters, the speeches commenced. Where we were greeted to many funny and emotional stories from the father of the bride, Rob, and their bestman. And during all of that, was the most important part of the day, the cutting of the cake... and I would like to take the time to point out it was DELICIOUS. Yes, I will eat your cake. I ask, jokingly of course, is there even any point to me shooting your wedding without getting to sample your wedding cake?! ;))

Following the speeches, I grabbed the couple for our couples session. I enlisted the help of one of Nic's bridesmaids to hold up her dress as we made our way into the field. One particular funny (or not so funny, depending on who you ask) moment happened during our shoot. The bridesmaid - in her sandals - stepped into a fresh cowpie! Which sent the couple howling with laughter, which honestly led to some of the most genuine reactions I've ever captured during a couples session. The bridesmaid was cool with it having grown up around farm animals herself.

We went back to the festivities following from the shoot. Whilst I left the couple to chat away with their guests, I quickly set up my gear and flashes for the first dance and last of the evening. I wanted to emulate the warmth of the barn and to keep the consistency from earlier in the day, so I chose to use a warm gel on my flash.

To the tune of their favourite song, the couple stepped onto the dancefloor and had a beautiful first dance as newlyweds.

Before setting off, I noticed that the most spectacular sunset was developing, so I grabbed Nic & Rob and a couple bridesmaids one last time for some beautiful and fun images.

All said and done, I had an incredible experience capturing Nic & Rob's special day, and hope you enjoyed reliving their day through my images and words.

If you or someone who know is looking for a great photographer, that will capture all your memories naturally, then get in touch below to check my availability. And in the meantime, feel free to follow me on instagram.


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