Hello and welcome to my wedding photography website!

Hello, I'm Martin, an enthusiastic and approachable photographer based in the vibrant city of London. Since 2016, I've been dedicated to capturing love stories, embarking on an incredible journey that has taken me to various enchanting locations. From charming countryside venues to breathtaking coastal destinations, my lens has witnessed the beauty of weddings all across the UK & Abroad.

One of the most unforgettable moments in my career was atop a snow-covered mountain in the French Alps, where I had the privilege of capturing a truly magical wedding. This experience, along with stumbling upon a traditional celebration in Manali, Northern India during a travel photography assignment, profoundly influenced my perspective. The vibrancy and sacredness of the Indian wedding left an indelible mark, inspiring me to approach weddings in the UK and abroad with the same reverence.

Approaching each wedding with excitement and a spirit of adventure, I am committed to capturing the unique essence of your special day. My focus lies in providing an outstanding service and an exceptional experience for my clients. As a wedding photographer, I understand the importance of fostering a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere. Drawing from my Caribbean upbringing, I bring a positive and laid-back approach to life, which significantly influences my work.

My photography style is a harmonious blend of documentary reportage and traditional wedding photography. I aim to capture the genuine and authentic moments unfolding throughout your wedding day, documenting your love story in its natural beauty. Recognising the significance of formal group photos, I ensure to create images that will bring joy to parents and grandparents alike. Additionally, I take delight in crafting epic couples' imagery that encapsulates the soul of your wedding day, providing cherished memories for years to come.

Ultimately, my goal is to curate a beautiful and timeless collection of photographs that you will treasure for a lifetime. I am deeply passionate about my craft and dedicated to delivering results that surpass your expectations, ensuring your wedding memories are preserved in all their splendour.

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“Martin was the absolute best at our wedding. He was very attentive from before the wedding until the very end at the delivery. He gave us way more photos than promised and on the day we barely saw him, we kept asking ourselves how did he get all the shots if we didn't see him?! I guess that is the sign of a good photographer. I can only sing praises! I cry every time I see the photos, so I want everyone to experience the same.”